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Grainfather tap adapter set
Grainfather tap adapter set


Speidel heating element for Braumeister 50 l
Speidel heating element for Braumeister 50 l


Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates Kit
By upgrading your Grainfather G30 with the Rolled Plates Kit, there is no need for the silicone rings that come in the original packaging. The rolled-edges provide a better brewing experience by eliminating the need for a silicone ring on the grain plates, which allows the user to more easily insert the bottom grain plate and the top grain plates into the mash basket. Kit Includes: 2 x Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates Instructions: Attach pipework to one of the G30 rolled plates (bottom plate) gently lower plate into the inner basket. Continue brewing as per the G30 instructions. Use the second G30 rolled plate as a top plate to sit on top of the mash as you would with the original plate.


Braumeister 200 litres
The Braumeister is unique: a complete brewing installation in one high quality stainless steel vessel. The fully automatic brewing control takes over the brewing of individually adjusted recipes and runs through all brewing phases with exact times and temperatures. Lautering is done easily and quickly by lifting the malt pipe with the lifting device included. This way you can carry out the lautering process quickly and without mess. In addition, the device is mobile and easy to move and the space requirement is minimal. This makes it ideal for restaurants, pubs, events or brewing communities. The low purchase cost and a lower price per litre ensure a short-term payback. Technical details: Heating coil: 3 x 3.000 W output Pump: 370 W Power supply connection: 400 V (fuse protection min. 16 A) Total power consumption: 9.4 kW Cooling: 1.3 m² double jacket surface area, with ice water, approximately 50 min to 25 °C with whirlpool Control system fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump) Max. malt quantity: 42 kg ATTENTION: PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR CURRENT DELIVERY TIMES: Email: info@braumarkt.com / Tel: +31 (0)854839888 Large, fragile, heavy, or items that are too large for normal shipping are delivered by pallet or courier service. We will contact you to discuss shipment and shipping rates.


Kreyer compact-changer 250 plate cooler
Kreyer compact-changer 250 plate cooler


Silicone hose 6 x 8 mm 5 meters
Very high quality Food-grade silicone hose. The price is per 5 metersAcid and alcohol-resistantVery flexible Resistant to high temperatures (-50ºC - + 260ºC).Diameter 6 x 8 mm.Extra Thick Wall thickness of 1,00.


Rover meshfilter with stainless steel pump 2500 litres per hour
Advantageous basket filter with electropump, especially intended for prefiltration of liquid foodstuffs such as most, fruit juices, low alcohol herbal extracts etc. Handy compact version with handle. Spacious stainless steel basket sieve with fineness 200 μ. Pump with stainless steel pump housing (without bypass). Suitable for filtering slightly hazy foods (liquids such as wine, beer, juice or water). With standard NBR seal for liquids up to max. 60 ° C. Hose connection pump: 25mm Hose connection basket filter: 30 mm Engine: 0.6pk, 230volt, 50Hz, 1450 rpm Capacity: up to 2500 l / hour


Minibrew Craft Plus
This Plus version contains an extra Smart Keg, so you can enjoy your beer while the Minibrew can continue to brew your next batch. The beer is brewed in a pressure vessel: the Smart Keg. You add yeast after brewing, after which the Smart Keg ensures that the beer is fermented and aged under optimal conditions (and with a controlled fermentation temperature). The app alerts you whenever action needs to be taken (for example, adding hop for dry hopping). And yes, even the machine does the cleaning itself!2 year warranty.Keep up to date with real-time data with the MiniBrew app.Fully automatic cleaning.Fits in standard kitchen cabinet.Machine controls both brew & fermentation process.The Tritan parts are high quality and can be washed in the dishwasherAvailable on iOS, Android coming soonWhat's in the box?1 x Minibrew Basestation.2 x MiniBrew Smartkeg 2 x Tap handle.2 x Co2 connectors.Addiitonal information:The software is entirely in EnglishApp works on iOS (Apple devices). The Android app is available Q1 2020The MiniBrew Craft can always be upgraded to a Craft Pro. With a Pro you can make and brew recipes yourself, without the use of brewpacks.Dimensions Minibrew Base Station: 58 x 48 x 30 cm (H x W x L)Minibrew Smartkeg dimensions: 45 x 46 x 40 cm (H x W x L)


Minibrew Craft Pro Quick Start Pack
For the people that love to drink beer but also want to brew beer themselves, MiniBrew is the machine you need for fuss-free brewing. The Minibrew Craft Pro allows you develop you own recipes and brew with your own ingrediënts. This MiniBrew Craft Pro Quick Start Pack comes with 3 Brew Packs ... so fill up those Smartkegs ! 2 year warranty.Keep up to date with real-time data with the MiniBrew app.Fully automatic cleaning.Fits in standard kitchen cabinet.Machine controls both brew & fermentation process.The Tritan parts are high quality and can be washed in the dishwasherAvailable on iOS, Android coming soonWhat's included?Full access to the Brewery Portal Software1 x Minibrew Basestation.3 x MiniBrew Smartkeg + stand.3 x Tap handle.3 x Co2 connectors.A year subscription to the app (worth 89,95€ )Minibrew Service Pack1 x Juicy Double IPA Brew Pack1 x Hello World Brew Pack1 x Saison Brew PackDimensionsMinibrew Basestation 58 x 48 x 30 cm (Height x Width x Length)MiniBrew Smartkeg 45 x 46 x 40 cm (Height x Width x Length)


PVC hose 6 x 8 mm 2 meters
Very high quality Food-grade PVC hose. White transparent. Acid and alcohol-resistantModerately flexibleNot resistant to high temperatures (-10ºC - + 50ºC)Diameter 6.00 x 8.00 mmWall thickness of 1.00 mmPer 2 meters


Grainfather Grain Stopper for G30 & G70
If you have misplaced your grainstopper you can purchase this here. A slight alteration was made on the top of the stopper but this doesn't affect the functionality of it.


Measuring Cup White Plastic - 2 litre
Note: This is a budget measuring cup and the volume markings are not always accurate!


Speidel Brewmaster hose set 5m
Hose connector, 1 "female For transporting the wort from the Braumeister 200 / 500l to the tank Food grade, heat resistant, pressure hose


Must Scoop 3L
Must Scoop 3L


Lid for T 500 boiler with 48 mm hole
Spare lid for the Still Spirits 25L Turbo boiler. Allows you to mount the Still Spirits T 500 Reflux condenser on top of your Grainfather Connect brewing kettle.


Grainfather G30 Brewing system
The Grainfather G30 is a multi-award-winning, 30L brewing system that is designed to make up to 23L of beer from one brew. With app integration, innovative features, and an intuitive design, it’s perfect for both beginner and experienced homebrewers. Features Sleek 304 grade stainless steel body Connect your mobile device to the Bluetooth controller via the Grainfather App and manage your brew remotely A robust magnetic drive pump for maximum brewing efficiencies An extendable grain basket that is designed to hold different weights of grain Efficient and sanitary brew transfer with the counterflow wort chiller Clips to easily attach the G30 Alembic Dome accessory, allowing you to convert your G30 into a microdistillery Backed by a 3-year warranty Whats included Grainfather G30 Bluetooth controller Counterflow wort chiller Grain basket Overflow pipework Bottom & top grain plates Lifting bar Grain stopper Glass lid Recirculation pipe Filter Hose fittings Built-in pump Specifications SIZE: 733 x 386mm WEIGHT: 17kg MAX PREBOIL VOLUME: 30L BATCH VOLUME: Max: 25L GRAIN BILL: Max: 9kg Min: 5kg POWER: 2000W, 230V CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth control


Nylon Hop Boiling Bag with cord
Keep your hops contained with this quality mesh bag that keeps most sediment from ending up in your beer. Durable and reusable, it works perfectly for specialty grains or hops. Drawstring closure keeps contents inside bag. Long-lasting and reusable Use in place of muslin bags Ideal for steeping coffee or speciality grains Fine mesh material with drawstring keeps bag closed Contents: 4 litres


PVC hose 18 x 22 mm 10 meters
Very high quality Food-grade PVC hose. White transparent. Acid and alcohol-resistantModerately flexibleNot resistant to high temperatures (-10ºC - + 50ºC)Diameter 18.00 x 22.00 mmWall thickness of 2.00 mmPer 10 meters


Summer Maltman 75 malt mill


Funnel Plastic Ø 30 mm -Spout Ø 3 mm
Alcohol and acid resistant. This funnel fits into a wine bottle.


Arsegan Magnetic Drive Pump MP-15RM
Put the pump after the plate chiller if used for pumping chilled wort. Power: 10 W - 240 V Inlet/outlet: 1/2" male thread Capacity: 9-15 L/min Head: 1,5-2 m Max. temperature: 90 °C 3 year warranty Supplied without a power plug!


PVC Hose nylon reinforced 19 x 27 mm 10 meters
Ideal for making / extending leversmade of transparent food qualitysuitable for frequent use. Maximum temperature 60 ° C. Diameter 19 x 27 mm.Wall thickness 4 mmPer 10 meters


Mattmill Store Box
This box can be used for the MattMill Classic and the MattMill Master dimensions:310 x 500 x 200 mm (outside)275 x 390 x 165 mm (inside)Remark : Bottom plate for malt mill is not included.


Brewster Beacon All-in-One Brewing System
Specifications: Polished stainless steel AISI 304Weight: 10 kgBrew capacity 12,5-35 liters, total capacity 40 litersDimensions: Height and diameter: 57.5 x 36.0 cmHeating element with a capacity of 2500 W, located at the bottom of the kettle, therefore avoiding caramelizationThe heating element is adjustable from 100 W to 2500 W, in 100 W increments.Temperature range from 25°C to 100°C, adjustable to 0,1°C. Temperature control up to 100°C, with +-1°C deviationIntegrated circulation with adjustable flow rate made from stainless steel AISI 304Stainless steel AISI 304 grain basket with built-in overflow pipe for boil dry protectionThe basket can be adjusted in relation to the amount of malt. The basket holds up to 9 kgClear and easy to read LCD monitorManual or automatic program control with alarms/remindersProgrammable to up to 9 mashing steps and up to 9 hop/spice additionsBuilt-in memory with capacity for saving up to 10 recipesPowerful 230 V magnetic pump with separate on/off button. Capacity 8 L./min.Glass lid ensuring easy visual monitoring of the mashing processMounted visible level gauge for easy and accurate reading of the liquid in the kettle. Useful during mashing and sparging.Stainless steel filter covering almost the entire bottom.The Brewster pumps the wort out in 3 min. No need to wait for the wort to run out by itself.The bottom filter reduces sediment by up to 50%The pump sucks directly from the bottom, through the bottom filter, ensuring no waste of wort.The grain basket can easily be raised in several steps using the removable handleIncreased malt capacity with the extended overflow pipe.Easy cleaning and maintenance. All Brewster Beacons are tested before shippingEnglish / German manual.2 year warranty