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Braumarkt Brewery

Your Own Craft Beer Brand Experience!

Elevate your brand presence and captivate your audience with our exclusive offer: the opportunity to brew your very own beer and create a remarkable beer brand. Whether it's for your company, exhibitions, special events, or cherished occasions like weddings and bachelor parties, we've got you covered.

Custom Flavour

At our state-of-the-art 8HL/5bbl brew house, our expert beer sommeliers and master brewers will craft a beer that perfectly aligns with your preferences. The possibilities are endless – any taste, any style, all tailored to your desired flavour profile.

Personal Brand

Our dedicated marketing team will assist you in designing eye-catching labels, stylish six-packs, and charming coasters that will make your brand shine. We'll bring your vision to life, ensuring every detail reflects your unique identity.

Easy Shipping

Worried about logistics? Leave it to us. We can arrange the safe and efficient shipment of your beer to your customers, partners, or friends. You can even opt for KeyKeg-barrels, making it seamless to integrate with your existing tap equipment.

Wedding Celebrations

Celebrate your special day with your custom brewed beer. Craft a unique flavour profile that perfectly matched your taste and bring a special feature to your wedding day.

Choose to receive your craft brew in kegs to serve directly at your wedding reception or bottle it up with a personalised label to gift to your guests as a wedding favour.

Need a fun plan for your bachelor or bachelorette party? Spend a day brewing your own beer and learning more about brewing together with your loved ones at our Braumarkt Academy.

Company Events

Need the perfect idea for a company gift? Create your own beer brand, with personalised bottle labels!

Share a memorable gift with your employees or pack a bottle in your goodie bags during events and exhibitions, everyone will be delighted to receive a custom craft beer brewed by your company!

Plan your team-building event by taking part in a brewing course of our Braumarkt Academy. This immersive journey will take you from raw materials to the finished product, allowing you to understand the intricate process of brewing while fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Birthdays and Private Events

Enjoy an extraordinary birthday, retirement or graduation party with your individually crafted brewCelebrate a special occasion together with your family and friends in an unique way.

Impress your guests by serving your own original craft beer directly at your party or event, by getting your kegs of custom beer directly at your house or at the party venue.

Otherwise, give personalised custom bottles as party favours to take home and cherish the memory of the moment forever.

Be Extra!

Elevate to your brewing experience further. As you create the design for your custom labels, we offer the possibility to choose some fun add-ons: such as personalised six packs holders and custom-made coasters to bring your beer brand to the next level!

Moreover, you can turn bottling day into an exciting event. Join us in our Hamburg location to have the opportunity to taste your own creation as well as sample our exquisite market brew. To further elevate your experience, our beer sommeliers will treat you to an unforgettable Beer-Food-Pairing event.

What's Next?

Fill in the form below with all your information and we will contact you soon to discuss all the details of your personalised beer and organize your unique brewing experience. Our team of expert brewers will follow you through each step, from creating your flavour profile to scheduling your brewing day and finalizing the shipping arrangements.

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