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Refractometer 0-32% BRIX | 1.000-1.120 SG ATC


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Product number: 5002355
Product information "Refractometer 0-32% BRIX | 1.000-1.120 SG ATC"

A refractometer is an easy way to measure the density of your wort during brew day. Simply place a few drops of wort on the glass, close the cover, point the refractometer to a light source and make the reading.


  • 0 % to 32 % Brix with a 0.2 % division
  • 1.000 to 1.120 SG with a 0.001 division
  • ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) range: 10 °C to 30 °C
  • Recommended for brewers.

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