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Infrared thermometer -50 to + 380 ° C
Infra Red thermometer-50 + 380 ° c/-58 + 716 ° F laser pointer Resolution: 0.1 °  Accuracy: ± 2%/2 ° C  Distance ratio: 12/1 Fixed Emissivity: 0.95  Data Hold  Backlight  with pouch and batteries  Instructions for use  In hanging box

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Digital thermometer PROF -50 ° c to + 300°C
A versatile and very accurate digital thermometer. Thanks to the adjustable temperature alarms this thermomether is ideal for brewing, as well as checking the fermentation temperature. WATERPROOF MODEL WITH DETACHABLE SENSOR. Long food-safe stainless steel sensor withpointed edge and 100 cm cord  Dimensions: 3.5 x 145 mm  reading in ° c and ° f  wide temperature range: -50 to + 300 ° c  temperature interval: 0.1 ° c from-19.9-+ 199.9. Beyond 1 °C including battery memory function (min/max)  alarm function  "hold" function

Waterproof thermometer -50 to + 200oC
DIGITAL THERMOMETER-TIMER-WATER RESISTANT: IP65. ° C/° F  Display Resolution: 0.1 ° Functions: Alarm-Timer-Magnet  Stainless steel piercing probe: 125 mm-ø 3.5 mm  Manual in several languages.

Thermometer P200 Professional
Professional model thermometer with stainless steel sensor (60cm wire) very suitable for the discerning brewer. Suitable for measuring: Foods (HACCP) Air Gas Liquids Plastic Accurate display up to 0.1 ° C, between -25 and 150 ° C to one degree accurately out of the range up to 1.5 ° C. Hold function, Min-Max function, IP65 waterproof

Digital probe thermometer -40 up to + 200
Digital probe thermometer Handy digital thermometer with large range. Waterproof plug-in sensor 10.5 cm and cable 1 meter  Range: -40 ° C to + 200 ° C current temperature, MAX/MIN/HOLD  temperature alarm  with default and magnet  suitable for food products (HACCP)  IP 65  Accuracy: 0°C  to 50°C   +/- 0,5°C  -20°C to 0°C 51°C to 70°C   +/- 1°C -40°C to -20°C 70°C to 200°C     +/- 2°C

Pocket digital thermometer -50 °C to + 300 °C
Very useful model. Stainless steel feel bar (12 cm) with pointed edge.  Range:-50 to + 300 ° c  Immediate reading per 0.1 ° C  Vest pocket-clip-sleeve included  Including coin cell battery

Thermo Jack thermometer -40 up to + 250
Professional Jet/splashproof HACCP suitable digital thermometer Range:-40 to + 250  Deviation:-30 to 150 +/-0.5% above that +/-1%  IP65  HACCP food suitable  Very fast measuring

Inkbird BG-HH1C Instant read thermometer
With this digital (meat)thermometer you can read the temperature quickly and accurately. Ideal for measuring the core temperature during a barbeque.The stainless steel probe is easy to clean. Also suitable for measuring the mash temperature during beer brewing and other taskswhere accurate reading of the temperature is desirable.•Temperature range: -50°C to 300°C (-58°F- 572°F)•Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C(±2°F) from -20 to 200°C•Dimensions: 155mmx29.9mmx14.5mm•Quick readout in 3-6 seconds with an accurate temperature reading•Ultra-bright on-screen LCD display•Safety and tidiness with the collapsible probe design•Accurate reading with the step-down probe design•Hold the temperature reading before removing the probe from the food.•Handy magnetic back.Package Contents:•1 x digital thermometer•1 x English Manual

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Brewbrain Float - WiFi hydrometer and thermometer
Float keeps track of your brew's fermentation activity, temperature and SG anytime, anywhere, so you brew better beers. The device can be used in your fermentation vessel. The measurement data gives you all kinds of useful information: it shows you when fermentation has stopped, so you can bottle your beer. You can also use the temperature data to monitor the dry hopping (dry hopping) temperature and correct it if necessary. Real-time measurement data, including historical data Food-safe housing WiFi connection Easy to charge batteryConnectivity with Grainfather and Brewfather apps How does the Brewbrain Float work? You simply connect the Float to your wifi access point. Create an account at My Brewbrain or log in with your existing account. Switch to "Measure" and place the Float in your brew to start measuring! All your data is displayed on the online platform, either fullscreen or in an overview on your smartphone, all equally easy and convenient. Create your own groups to share the data or discuss it with other brewers.

Milwaukee Digital Thermometer with Probe TH300
The Milwaukee TH300 compact digital temperature meter is the perfect solution for accurate temperature measurement in hard to reach places due to its 1 meter long cable. The meter works digitally, contains no mercury and glass and is therefore environmentally friendly. With this meter you keep the temperature of your brews quickly and precisely within your target range. Also useful in the lab, or for measuring swimming water temperature. Fast, accurate results with large digital LCD readout. Extended temperature range: -50 to 150°C (-58 to 302°F) Easy measurement: just place the stainless steel probe in the sample and wait for the reading to stabilize. Easy, flexible 1 meter cable for hard to reach places. Stainless Steel pointed probe for easy fruit penetration and easy cleaning. Long battery life, approx. 1 year. (batteries included) High accurate digital readings.

Milwaukee Stick Thermometer with Inox Steel Probe TH310
The Milwaukee TH310 compact digital temperature meter is suitable for numerous applications. The meter is durable, operates digitally, is fast and accurate and, most importantly, is environmentally friendly because it contains no mercury or glass. From home-brewed beverages to laboratories and aquarium enthusiasts, the TH310 Stainless Steel Stick probe is your quick temperature meter. Fast, accurate results with large digital LCD readout. Extended temperature range: -50 to 150°C (-58 to 302°F). Cal-Check feature. Fast NTC sensor response. Easy measurement: just place the stainless steel probe in the sample and wait for the reading to stabilize. Easy sharp Stainless Steel temperature shaft for quick penetration. Stainless Steel probe for easy cleaning. Long battery life, approx. 3000 hours of continuous use (batteries included). High accurate digital readings.