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Der ultimative Brau-Guide | Nicolaysen
Köstliches Bier selbst zu brauen ist weder kompliziert, noch erfordert es viel Platz oder ein großes Budget. Kochtopf, Kochlöffel, Sieb, Thermometer, dazu eine 5-l-Glasflasche mit Gärspund und ein Schlauch – das ist alles an Equipment, das man braucht, um in der eigenen Küche das frischeste Bier der Welt zu brauen!Und das Ergebnis? Unbezahlbar! Denn nicht nur das Bier schmeckt unübertroffen gut, auch das Gefühl ist einzigartig, einem Freund eine Flasche Bier mit den Worten zu überreichen: »Das habe ich selbst gebraut.« Das perfekte Geschenk für Bierliebhaber!Paperback , Klappenbroschur, 156 Seiten, 19,5 x 24,0 cm


Stap voor Stap Wijnmaken | R. van Gelder
Step by step is a handy beginner's book of 16 pages in words and pictures about the basic principles of making wine yourself. Ideal for anyone who wants to get started quickly, with tips without complicated stories. Provided with many illustrations and 8 simple recipes to begin with.


Zelf Bier Brouwen | Brian Kunath
When brewing was discovered more than 8,000 years ago, it was hailed as a gift from the gods. Today beer is enjoyed all over the world, available in infinite styles—yet brewing is still seen as a mysterious process. In reality, everyone can create unique beers in their own home, and this comprehensive, step-by-step guide will show you how. You will learn how to buy, build, and use all of the equipment involved in home-brewing, getting you started with a minimum of hassle and expense. Following the magic rules to success couldn’t be easier, and handy worksheets mean each batch can be easily monitored and recorded—leading you to triumph time after time. The Brewer’s Bible takes you from preparation and storing to conditioning and bottling, clearly outlining each factor in the process and giving an overview of fermentation. As you become more adventurous, discover how to vary techniques and ingredients to produce unbeatable beers. As well as recipes for ales, lagers, and unique brews, you can even get tips on how to savor your creation. There’s advice on glassware, setting up a “home bar,” and even the perfect food/home-brew combinations. From Belgium to the U.S., from brown ale to weizenbock, the country-by-country guide to world beer styles is both practical and fascinating. There’s also a first-hand account of processes inside a professional brewery.


Zelf Kaas Maken | Tim Smith
This book is a must in your kitchen library! You will find inspiring photos, basic techniques, step-by-step illustrations, a multitude of practical tips and more than 50 cheese recipes. Beautifully illustrated, countless colour photos, Dimensions: 203 x 253 mm Contents: 176 pages


Van Appel tot Cider | A. White & S. Wood
In the book 'From apple to cider' you get to know a simple philosophy that has developed over the centuries: cider is about apples! There are clear instructions for making your first batch of cider and instructions for the next one. With this you will make yourself the most delicious cider at home! This book is based on the revival of this thousand year old craft and is suitable for home brewers, winemakers and cider lovers. Thanks to the clear instructions for making your first batch of cider and clear instructions for the next one, you will make yourself the most delicious cider at home! In this book you will find: Step-by-step instructions to make your first batch of cider To taste guidelines for professional cider Tips to prevent, detect and remedy cider deficiencies Techniques for making sparkling cider, cider according to the method champenoise, French Cider and Ice cider


Brouwen | James Morton
Craft beer brewing is on the rise. Even in the popular One Home program they have been brewing. But do not be mistaken, there is more to it than just adding some ingredients together. Only when you gain insight into the whole brewing process, in the characteristic properties of ingredients such as the grain, hops and yeast, you can brew a beer that exactly tastes the way you want it. Brewing beer for starters gives you a basic insight into what you need to brew beer, what actually happens when you are brewing and how you can influence and direct this brewing process depending on the ingredients, recipes, temperatures and techniques. After all, every act you as a brewer poses or does not have has consequences for the end result. For those who want to know more, the authors provide technical background information in separate frame sections. Brewing beer for starters gives you the basics of brewing, so you can brew a nice beer with a minimum of material. A lot of brewing pleasure and toast. Authors: Luc Pauwels - Sven Gatz Language: Dutch Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij 144 pages


Vintage Bier | R. Pattinson
Vintage Bier - Bier-receptenboek


Weck Inmaakboek (NL)
For many years the handbook for self-preserving fruits and the preserving of vegetables and other foods. Richly equipped with photos, clear explanation of the materials and techniques to be used. Contents: 110 p.


Kaas je Kaasje | Rademaker
A handy booklet for hobby cheesemakers. With methods for hard cheeses, fresh cheeses, flat chees and butter. Contents: 159 pages


Weck Einkochbuch (DE)
In this book you will find - and by the way also safe for diabetics and proven recipes for preserving: berries, all fruit and puree, jams, marmalade and jelly, mushrooms and vegetables - also acetic - musts and drinking water! Meat and sausage - with the 12 meat rules - soups and convenience dishes, cakes and puddings.


The Weck Home-Canning Book (EN)
The Weck Canning Book (ENGLISH)


Over Charcuterie | Meneer Wateetons
Over Charcuterie | Meneer Wateetons


Essig selbst bereiten | Hagmann
Fancy vinegar? Who has harvested plenty of fruit and next to juice and cake still looking for other processing options, learns here, how to get in a relatively short time with simple means and the most diverse starting materials smaller amounts of fine vinegar. The two authors describe the most important steps from the starting product to the finished vinegar, give advice on the refinement of the vinegar and answer the most important questions that are involved in the production of vinegar. A vinegar glossary provides information about the most important types of vinegar, and more than 30 recipes for and with vinegar invite you to look at vinegar from completely different angles.


Homebrew All-Stars | Drew Beechum
Written by the authors of Experimental Homebrewing, this new book features all-star information about the techiniques, equipment, ingredients and most definitley the recipes of these fan-favorite homebrewers. Some of the featured all-star brewers include John Palmer, Mark Tonsmeire and Martin Brungard. Brewers cover their favorite malts, hops, and yeasts, and recipes include a wide variety of styles, from IPAs and stouts to saisons and lagers. Whether you're looking to become the best brewer ever or simply looking for a new recipe to try this weekend, this book is a home run.ISBN 9780760349618Title : Homebrew All-Stars  Authors: Drew Bechum / Denny Conn 1st edition | Paperback | Voyageur Press IncEnglish | 224 pages | Weight: 816 gram | Size: 251 x 211 x 15 mm


Mijn favoriete bieren Notitieboek
Dimensions: 218 x 146 x 17 mm Publication date: October 2017 Edition: 1 ISBN: 9789044749304


Le livre WECK de la stérilisation (FR)
For many years the handbook for self-preserving fruits and the checking of vegetables and other foods. Rich with photos, clear explanation.


Modern Homebrew Recipes | Gordon Strong
Craft beer is about innovation, discovery and interpretation. Home-brewing is about all that and more! As the beer scene changes, so do the beer styles we know and love. Grandmaster Beer Judge Gordon Strong takes you on a guided journey of discovery in Modern Homebrew Recipes that include the latest BJCP style changes. Following a primer on specific beer brewing techniques, recipe formulation fundamentals, and how to adapt recipes to your system, Strong shares over 100 distinctive recipes. english 322 pages Brewers Publications June 2015


Berekend Wijnmaken | Ad Coumou + CD Rom
In this new book by Ad Coumou, experienced and thorough amateur winemaker and liqueur maker, several examples show how a good quality and harmonious wine with body, maximum of aroma and a fine persistent aftertaste can be obtained. When using the supplied spreadsheets on the CD-Rom , the computer does all the calculations and you are able to achieve an optimal result!This is a Dutch language book.


Jam, gelei, confituur | Janine Bruinooge
Enjoy your fruit harvest all year round? This is possible! In Jam, jelly and marmalade , Janine Bruinooge shows how you can easily make jam, compote, chutney, jelly and syrup yourself. With fruit and vegetable varieties that are best at that moment and that you can get anywhere. Whether that is freshly harvested rhubarb or a handful of strawberries from the full ground: from all seasonal vegetables and fruit you can easily make the most delicious canned food in your own kitchen.


Mortier Pilon - Home Fermentation
Mortier Pilon book Home Fermentation


Heimbrauen für fortgeschrittene | R. Hagen
Excellent German book for grain brewers. Very complete and clear content. Thanks to the numerous graphs and tables this is also a good reference work. With some basic recipes. Contents: 136 p.


Melkzuurgisting als bewaarmethode | R. van Hoof
Dutch-language book with numerous recipes that clearly explains how you can taste cabbage and other vegetables. Also the making of flat cheese, yogurt, kefir and sourdough bread are discussed extensively. With many photos, 80 pages.


Brewing by Design | C. Salomons
After almost five years of hobby beer brewing, it was time to look back on this special experience. By means of properly documenting all brewing sessions, including the things that did not go so well, a story was created that had to be told. Brewing by Design, Passion for brewing beer provides a view of brewing and the steps that preceded it. Anyone can basically brew beer. However, you must prepare yourself well. You also have to dare to always reach a new level. But, like with everything else: The fun has to come first!


Zuivel Zelf Maken | Lambrechts
This book deals with the dairy production at home in all its aspects, with a scientific background. It provides interesting information on milk, dairy products and fermentation. Anyone who wants to make their own dairy will find a lot of practical information when reading this book. Contents: 148 pages