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Nettle leaf cut 50g
Nettle leaf: Latin name: Folia urticae conc. Packaging: bag of 50 grams

few Available
Sliced Liquorice 100g
Liquorice root (Sliced) Content: 100g

Mate green 100 g
Drinking mate is a fascinating ritual. Whoever sees it for the first time, is surprised. The Argentines take it everywhere: the greenish herbs in a jar. Hot water is poured from a thermos flask and then a pipe drops down into the sediment in a cup and the whole is sucked up with a glorified face.

Rose hip 100 g
Rose hip without seed cut 100g

not Available
Chinese black tea 100g
The natural tannin content of Chinese black tea guarantees a high quality kombucha drink.

Peppermint leaf 50 g
Peppermint leaves whole 50g

Camomile 50 g
Dried chamomile, ideal to prepare herbal tea or to use in your beers.

Rose hip 250 g
Rose hip without seed cut 250g

Pu Erh tea 100g
Pu-Er-tea will go through a special ripening process, fermentation, causing the dark red color and the powerful nature-like flavor. A Pu-Er tea that was produced in the sixties was a green tea which was not oxidized. By action of external bacteria and yeasts the tea leaves ferment. This tea was steamed, and compressed into slabs, tiles or spheres. Afterwards, the tea was left to dry and stored to mature. At that time the maturation took five yearsat least. In the late sixties and early seventies a new maturation process was invented to speed up the process artificially. The tea could be made drinkable within a few months and was sellable sooner for the tea industry. Nowadays, both methods are being used simultaneously, leaving both raw green tea as well as ripened cooked processed tea available.

Mulled wine spices Brouwmarkt 100 g
Original mixture to old recipe to make yourself a delicious warm grog of mulled wine. Dosage: 10-20 g per liter of wine. Add sugar to your taste.

Hibiscus cut 50 g
Name: Hibiscus cut. Latin name: Hibiscus sabdariffa. Hibiscus, cut (Althea).For liqueur or herbal tea. Hibiscus is mainly used as a flavoring, colouring and health improving agent. From the leaves of the hibiscus you can make very good nourishing shampoo. Hibiscus has a styptic, soothing, digestive, cooling and sedative effect.Packaging: bag of 50 g.