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Prof Bucket with Spout and Handle 25 l
Professional extra thick plastic bucket, with spout. Content 25 litres. Ideal for pulp fermentation. Resistant to hot liquids so ideal for cleaning!

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Brewing Bucket Semi-Transparent Complete - 25 litres
'Semi-transparent bucket made from foodgrade HDPE. Contains of a lid (with pre-drilled hole), volume indicator, handle, spigot, airlock and silicone plug for airlock. Perfect as fermenter or bottling bucket. Volume: 25 litresWidth with lid : 38cm Height with lid : 36cm Diameter : 38 cm Important: Mount the rubber ring of the spigot on the outside of the bucket. Tighten the nut on the inside carefully. Overtightening can cause leakage!

Professional plastic bucket, with spout and handle 9 litres
Professional extra thick plastic bucket, with spout and handle, ideal for cleaning!Resistant to hot liquidsExtra thick plasticFoodgrade materialWith spoutContent 9 litres

Bucket Semi-Transparent with Lid 25 litres
Semi-transparent bucket made from foodgrade HDPE. Lid Included. Volume 25 litres Complete with Handle Lid with guarantee closure Graduation Natural Colour / semi transparent Size: height 35 cm Ø 35 cm Important: Bucket is without spigot.

Brew Bucket Semi Transparent 12 Litres incl. Lid
Brewing bucket semi transparent for pulp and main fermentation complete with: Lid Size distribution Handle Tap Airlock Connection for the water seal by means of a 100% silicone plug Especially suitable for foodstuffs. Ideal for pulp and main fermentation. Measurements: height 27.5 cm Ø 27.5 cm Content 12 Litres. Before use: Mount the tap in the bucket with the white ring on the outside. Hold the white part on the outside of the tap and carefully tighten the nut on the inside. Over tightening causes leakage. Place the bucket on the edge of the table and fill it with 5 Litres of water to test for leaks before use. The temperature of the liquid in the brewing bucket most never exceed 65 ° C. Prevent damage from scratching the plastic to prevent unwanted bacteria. Brew buckets are ideally suited for the 1st or main fermentation because there is sufficient CO2 above the liquid. Always use a fermentation vessel with rubber ring for 100% sealing, or a glass bottle with stopper and airlock.

Prof Bucket with Spout and Handle 14 l
Professional white plastic bucket, especially for foodstuffs, with pouring spout. Content 14 litres.

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