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Brouwen | James Morton


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Product information "Brouwen | James Morton"

Craft beer brewing is on the rise. Even in the popular One Home program they have been brewing. But do not be mistaken, there is more to it than just adding some ingredients together. Only when you gain insight into the whole brewing process, in the characteristic properties of ingredients such as the grain, hops and yeast, you can brew a beer that exactly tastes the way you want it. Brewing beer for starters gives you a basic insight into what you need to brew beer, what actually happens when you are brewing and how you can influence and direct this brewing process depending on the ingredients, recipes, temperatures and techniques. After all, every act you as a brewer poses or does not have has consequences for the end result. For those who want to know more, the authors provide technical background information in separate frame sections. Brewing beer for starters gives you the basics of brewing, so you can brew a nice beer with a minimum of material. A lot of brewing pleasure and toast.

  • Authors: Luc Pauwels - Sven Gatz
  • Language: Dutch
  • Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij 144 pages
Properties "Brouwen | James Morton"
Language: Dutch
Subject: Beer

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