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Making Cider
Starters Kit Making Cider Professional - Bottles Included
This starters kit Making Cider Professional contains the following products: White fermentation bucket with connection for airlock, including an heat-resistant tap and graduation Airlock hose model with red cap Yeast food salt Pecto-enzymes II Rohpect-Pro Citric acid Tannin Sulphite 1 bag of Sweet Cider yeast 1 bag of Dry Cider yeast Extendable lever hose with faucet and drip head Cloth to squeeze the pulp 12 Champagne stoppers (plastic) 12 Iron wire cages to seal the champagne plugs 12 Special cider bottles for bottling the cider Measuring glass for hydrometer 3-scale hydrometer to see when it can be safely bottled. Book 'Stap voor Stap Cider maken van Appels en Peren' with clear description and recipes. (Attn: written in Dutch)