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Your Contract Brew


Product number: 4000000
Manufacturer: Braumarkt
Beer Brewing @ Braumarkt
Additional Services
Beer Brewing @ Braumarkt

Required for first time brewers

Diplom-Braumeister (required)
Raw material package (malt, hops, yeast, cleaning agent)

Choose the minimum fermentation and storage time to suit your desired beer style: 1 week: Kveik; 2 weeks: Hefeweizen / Wit / Gose / Berliner Weisse / Saison; 4 weeks: Kölsch / Alt / Bitters / Ales / IPAs / Blonde / Dubbel / Triple / Porter / Stout; 6 weeks: Pils / Helles / Märzen / Wiener / Festbier / Bock / Schwarzbier / other Lager beers.

Weeks Lagering Time (depending on beer style)

Make a choice of your preferred filling type

Bottle filling in 0,33 Liter Longneck in 24e Crates incl. Crown-Corks, Labelling, System Charges, Deposit (0,08€/Bottle 1,50€/Crate)
Barrel-Filling in 30 Liter Disposable KEGs
Additional Services

Make your choice

Bottle labels - Digital Print (required if chosen bottle filling)
6 Pack In Your Own Design (4 Colors)
Individual Coasters
Product information "Your Contract Brew"
Brew your own 800 liters of beer on our microbrewery equipment.
  • The bottling quantity depends on the type of beer and the technical parameters. Ideally, we can produce about 800 liters of beer. Strong beers and cold hopping can reduce the output. Losses during the filling process must be accepted for process-related reasons.
  • The brew is accompanied until the finished beer by our graduate brewmaster and beer sommelier Jan Koch. After a joint brew, you can also work independently without a brewmaster.
  • Bottled in 0.33 liter longneck deposit bottle in a black 24-bottle case. The color of the crown cork and the design of the label can be chosen by the customer. We are happy to assist with the design of labels, 6-bottle carriers and beer mats (four-color printing in each case).
  • Barrel filling takes place in 30 liter disposable barrels. Dispensing equipment required. In the case of bottling, partial quantities can be filled in kegs at no extra cost.
  • Prices include beer tax & beer analyses.
  • Freight costs for delivery of the beer are not included and will be charged separately.´
  • Contact us for an individual offer: service@braumarkt.com (Keyword: Our beer brewing in Hamburg)

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