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Welcome to Braumarkt!

Braumarkt is the product specialist for home brewing of beer, wine, dairy and liquor and offers easy, affordable and trusted shopping for 10 years, both online and in one of our shops in Almere and Hamburg.

What makes Braumarkt special?

More and more people are discovering the unique feeling of homebrewing. Nothing beats the quality and enjoyment of a homebrewed, traditional and purely natural product. Braumarkt is at the heart of the homebrewing community. We see ourselves as the Home of Homebrewers. We understand like no other the passion of homebrewers, because we started out that way ourselves. The passion and pleasure of homebrewing, Braumarkt is born.

We want to make it easy for every homebrewer to live his or her passion to the full. Started as an enthusiastic pioneer in the field of homebrewing, we have grown into the only true homebrew specialist in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

What we have learned in all these years we pass on in our shops, on our website, with our huge range, our knowledge and experience. And with our love for homebrewing.

We want to be the place where every homebrewer can go for the best materials and ingredients. For all the clever tips & tricks we know. Not only is every homebrewer welcome, but every homebrewer is at home here.

Braumarkt - Your number one craft shop

  • Large assortment at very competitive prices
  • Delivery usually directly from stock
  • Fast shipment to companies and individuals
  • Friendly customer service
  • Fast warranty and complaint handling
  • 2 physical shops located in Almere and Hamburg