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Rommelkruid BROWN 100 g


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Product number: 5002402
Manufacturer: Braumarkt
Product information "Rommelkruid BROWN 100 g"

Rommelkruid is a mixture of a number of herbs.

It is used, among other things, in the preparation of Balkenbrij and herb rolls (known in Rotterdam and in the Betuwe) Nowadays it is almost no longer available as a ready-to-use product in regular stores, but it is still sold via the internet.

Rommelkruid can also be made by mixing ground licorice root, sugar, anise, cinnamon heads, cloves, white pepper, mace, ginger powder and sandalwood. The proportions are region-specific and depend on your own preference and on what the herbs will be used for.

This is the brown variant.

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