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Bestmalz A-XL 1 Kg


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Product number: 5016637
Manufacturer: Bestmalz
Product information "Bestmalz A-XL 1 Kg"

BEST A-XL is a malt made from the traditional German barley variety Alexis. It gives the beer a nice malty flavour, a full body and a golden yellow colour. An increased free amino nitrogen (FAN) content appropriately supplies the yeast during fermentation. Thanks to its balanced proteolytic and cytolytic properties, BEST A-XL shows up to 30% more foam stability in tests compared to conventional standard malts. Using the Steinfurth foam stability tester (MEBAK), values of >120 SKZ were measured in the final beer, indicating very good foam. Malt from Alexis barley can be used up to 100% in the malt deposit. BEST A-XL is available exclusively from Braumarkt.

  • Pilsner malt
  • Colour (EBC): 1-2
  • Rate: Up to 100%
  • Content: 1 kg
  • Maltster: Best Malz (DE)

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