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WHC Lab - Sweet Release - 11 gr


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Product number: 5017022
Manufacturer: WHC Lab
Product information "WHC Lab - Sweet Release - 11 gr"

Step into a world of aromatic excellence with our groundbreaking thiol-releasing yeast, "Sweet Release." Designed for brewers aiming to elevate their craft, this strain is a game-changer. "Sweet Release" is maltotriose negative and boasts high levels of biotransformation, resulting in a prominent mango-forward ester profile. With its relatively low attenuation value, it's an ideal choice for beer styles requiring low ABV or a sweet body, such as stouts or NEIPAs.

One of the standout features of "Sweet Release" is its ability to enhance the aromatic qualities of your brew. Thiols, the magical compounds found in hops and malt, unlock fruity, tropical, and citrus-like aromas coveted in today's beer scene. When paired with techniques and products like Phantasm, our thiol-releasing yeast allows you to fine-tune thiol release intensity and flavor expression.

Central to this yeast's magic is IRC7, a gene linked to Beta-lysase production. This enzyme facilitates the release of bound thiols naturally present in hops and malts, enhancing aroma complexity. By leveraging these enzymes, "Sweet Release" can amplify aroma in beer production or reduce hop costs by maximizing thiol release from less costly hop varieties.

Various methods can increase bound thiols in wort production:
  • Mash Hopping: Using hops like Cascade or Calypso at a rate of 3-4g/L during mashing significantly boosts bound thiols.
  • Whirlpool Additions: Hops like Apollo, Eureka, Hallertau Hallertauer(Mittelfrüh), Nugget, Perle, and Idaho 7, rich in bound thiols, are recommended for whirlpool additions.
  • Dry Hopping: Opt for hops compatible with strains high in biotransformation, such as Mosaic, Citra, Idaho 7, and Nelson Sauvin.

Different base malts vary in bound thiol content, so reviewing malt data is recommended to optimize aroma production. With "Sweet Release" and these techniques, unlock a world of aromatic possibilities in your brewing endeavors.

Recommended Beer Styles:
  • IPA's
  • NEIPAs
  • Pale Ales
  • Session IPAs
  • Non-Alcoholic
  • Floculation: Low
  • Attenuation: 63-68%
  • Temperature: 18-22°C
  • ABV Tolerance: 15%
  • Pitch Rate: 0.5-1g per Litre
Properties "WHC Lab - Sweet Release - 11 gr"
ABV Tolerance: 15%
Attenuation: Low
Fermentation type: top fermentation
Recommended fermentation temperature: 18-22°C
Sedimentation: Low
Yeast type: Dry

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