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WHC Lab - Saturated - 11gr


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Product number: 5016803
Manufacturer: WHC Lab
Product information "WHC Lab - Saturated - 11gr"

Introducing WHC Saturated: Craft Top-Cropping Brilliance for NEIPAs.

This Boddingtons Origin yeast stands out as a top-cropping NEIPA powerhouse with English roots, originating from the iconic Boddingtons brewery in Manchester. Crafted for top fermentation, this ale yeast delivers a tropical fruit ester profile, skillfully inducing biotransformation with hops for a burst of flavor. Notably, it ensures good haze stability, making it a perfect choice for your hazier brews.

Key Characteristics:
  • Origin: Boddingtons Brewery, Manchester, England
  • Ester Profile: Tropical fruit esters, enhancing flavor complexity
  • Biotransformation: Induces biotransformation with hops for heightened aroma and flavor
  • Haze Stability: Ensures good haze stability for NEIPAs
  • Yeast Type: Top cropping ale yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Brewing Recommendations:
  • Oxygenation/Rehydration: May not be needed for generation zero, but can be beneficial
  • Krausen: Produces a robust top krausen; use of antifoam and/or leaving more headspace is recommended
Recommended Beer Styles:
  • Brown Ale
  • Imperial Stouts
  • NEIPAs (New England IPAs)
  • Pale Ales
  • Stouts
  • West Coast IPAs
  • Comparative Strains:
    • Wyeast 1318 London Ale Yeast III, Imperial A38 Juice, Lallemand Verdant, WLP066 London Fog
    • Floculation: Medium-High
    • Attenuation: 73-77%
    • Temperature: 19-22°C
    • ABV Tolerance: 13%
    • Pitch Rate: 0.5-1g per Litre
    Properties "WHC Lab - Saturated - 11gr"
    ABV Tolerance: 13%
    Attenuation: Medium
    Fermentation type: top fermentation
    Recommended fermentation temperature: 19-22°C
    Sedimentation: Middle-High
    Yeast type: Dry

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