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WHC Lab - Mango Madness - 11 gr


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Product number: 5017023
Manufacturer: WHC Lab
Product information "WHC Lab - Mango Madness - 11 gr"

Introducing Mango Madness yeast, a revolutionary strain designed to transform the brewing process. With its distinctive aromatic profile, thermotolerant nature, and ability to expedite fermentation, Mango Madness yeast is poised to revolutionize hop-forward beer production.

This innovative yeast strain produces captivating guava and mango aromas while facilitating high levels of biotransformation. Notably, Mango Madness yeast eliminates the need for a diacetyl rest, streamlining the brewing process further. Dry hopping can be performed at elevated temperatures ranging from 15-25°C, with associated hop creep lower than other IPA strains.

What sets Mango Madness yeast apart is its exceptional thermotolerance, thriving in high-temperature environments beyond the capabilities of traditional yeast strains. This attribute allows for fermentation at elevated temperatures, significantly reducing fermentation and conditioning times. Additionally, it minimizes energy costs associated with cooling, providing breweries with greater efficiency and sustainability.

With Mango Madness yeast, breweries can achieve faster turnarounds and increased production capacity without compromising on quality or flavor. Embrace the madness and elevate your brewing game to new heights with Mango Madness yeast.

Recommended Beer Styles:
  • Double IPAs
  • IPAs
  • NEIPAs
  • Red Ales
  • Floculation: Low
  • Attenuation: 76-80%
  • Temperature: 31-37°C
  • ABV Tolerance: 17%
  • Pitch Rate: 0.3-1g per Litre
Properties "WHC Lab - Mango Madness - 11 gr"
ABV Tolerance: 17%
Attenuation: Medium
Fermentation type: top fermentation
Sedimentation: Low
Yeast type: Dry

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