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WHC Lab - High Voltage - 11g


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Product number: 5017020
Manufacturer: WHC Lab
Product information "WHC Lab - High Voltage - 11g"

Introducing High Voltage – a groundbreaking yeast strain poised to revolutionize your brewery's operations. This innovative yeast not only produces exceptional beer across a wide range of styles, including lagers, but also represents a sustainable choice that's ahead of the curve.

High Voltage thrives at higher temperatures compared to traditional brewing strains, leading to remarkable improvements in efficiency and environmental impact. Operating at elevated temperatures enhances fermentation kinetics, resulting in quicker tank turnaround times and reduced energy consumption.

With its remarkably clean profile and minimal ester production, High Voltage allows the true flavors of hops and malt to shine through without interference. Whether you're crafting a crisp pseudo-lager, robust stout, or hop-forward IPA, this single strain solution is perfect for your brewery.

Don't wait for the future of brewing – embrace it today with High Voltage. Choose sustainability, boost efficiency, and create sensational brews that set you apart in an ever-evolving industry.

Recommended Beer Styles:
  • (Pale) Ales
  • Double IPA, IPA, NEIPA, West Coast IPA
  • German lager, Helles Pilsners
  • Porters, Stouts, Imperial Stouts
Comparative Strains:
  • Lutra, WLP001
  • Floculation: High
  • Attenuation: 76-80%
  • Temperature: 31-35°C
  • ABV Tolerance: 17%
  • Pitch Rate: 0.3-1g per Litre
Properties "WHC Lab - High Voltage - 11g"
ABV Tolerance: 17%
Attenuation: Medium
Fermentation type: top fermentation
Sedimentation: High
Yeast type: Dry

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