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Pecto Enzyme I Powder 75 g


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Product number: 5002215
Manufacturer: Braumarkt
Product information "Pecto Enzyme I Powder 75 g"

Pecto Enzyme I powder with an exposure time of 4-6 hours.

  • Breaks pectin in the fruit and ensures maximum taste and juice yield.
  • Dosage: 3 grams per 10 litres of wine / most, sufficient for 250 litres.

Unless otherwise stated, the indicated dose is at room temperature (20 ° C) and with a contact time of 4-6 hours. Any temperature reduction of 7 ° can be compensated by a doubling of the dose. Each halving of the desired contact time can also be compensated by a doubling of the dose. The order adding the ingredients is important.

Never add bentonite if the enzyme is still in operation.

Allow at least 12 hours between the enzyme addition and any bentonite addition.

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