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Pecto Enzyme I (Liquid) 250 ml


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Product number: 5003642
Product information "Pecto Enzyme I (Liquid) 250 ml"

Breaks the pectin in the fruit and ensures maximum flavour and juice yield. Concentrated, easy to dose.


  • 8-10 ml per 10 kg of fruit, sufficient for 80-100 litres of wine.
  • The processing time at 20°C is 12 hours.
  • Any temperature reduction of 7 ° can be compensated by a doubling of the dose.
  • Each halving of the desired contact time can also be compensated by a doubling of the dose.
  • The order to add the ingredients is important.
  • Never add bentonite if the enzyme is still in operation.
  • Allow at least 12 hours between the enzyme addition and any bentonite addition.

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