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Hallertau Hersbrucker hop pellets 100 g


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Product number: 5001321
Manufacturer: Braumarkt
Product information "Hallertau Hersbrucker hop pellets 100 g"

Hallertau Hersbrucker is a traditional German hop variety that is highly regarded for its delicate aroma and flavor profile. It is often used in traditional German-style beers such as lagers, pilsners, and wheat beers.

The aroma profile of Hallertau Hersbrucker is often described as being very mild and refined, with a spicy and floral character that has hints of herbal and earthy notes. It is a low to moderate alpha acid hop variety, typically ranging from around 3-5%, which makes it a good choice for use as an aroma hop rather than a bittering hop.

  • Alpha acids: 2,4%
  • Origin: Germany
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Freshly packed in vacuum aluminum pack.
  • Content: 100 g.
  • Aromas: spicy, floral, herbal
Properties "Hallertau Hersbrucker hop pellets 100 g"
Alpha acid %: 0-5
Application: Aroma hop
Hop type: Pellets T90
Hop weight: 100 g
Origin: Germany

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