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Gozdawa Bavarian Wheat 10 gr


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Product number: 5016186
Manufacturer: Gozdawa
Product information "Gozdawa Bavarian Wheat 10 gr"

Gozdawa Bavarian Wheat is a German yeast strain that produces top fermentation beers, especially wheat beers. Low flocculation and sedimentation. To obtain typical characteristics at home, fermentation should be at the high end of the temperature scale. Develops banana and ester flavours above 24°C.

  • Fermentation: Top
  • Optimal temperature: 20°C-26°C, banana aroma above 24°C
  • ABV: max. 7,7%
  • Attenuation: max. 75%
  • Flocculation: low

Mix into sterile wort or water at ratio of 10:1 by weight for approx, 30 min. at a temperature of 27° (+/-3°). Recommended dosage for optimal temperature: 50-80g / hl.

Properties "Gozdawa Bavarian Wheat 10 gr"
ABV Tolerance: 8%
Attenuation: Medium-High
Fermentation type: top fermentation
Recommended fermentation temperature: 20-26°C
Yeast type: Dry

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