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Take part in Europe’s most exciting brewing competition.

Braumarkt is thrilled to announce the Brau Challenge 2023 - an exciting competition open to every
hobby brewer! Prices & Merchandise up to 10.000€ to be won.

But that's not all! The winning beer will be brewed at the new Braumarkt Hamburg Brewery and the winning hobby brewer
will receive 240 bottles. The competition will be judged by an international jury in the Netherlands and Germany.

To participate, all you need to do is register on the website, from 01-04-2023 until 30-04-2023.

All participants will receive a additional 10% discount on future purchases upon registration for the Brau Challenge 2023.

The Brau Challenge will feature 3 beer styles, ranging from Easy to Hard. Note: This challenge is open for Hobby Brewers only.

  • Hefeweizen (Easy Level),
  • Session IPA (Medium Level),
  • Helles (Hard Level).

To get you started, beer kits of the three beers styles (Helles, Session IPA, Hefeweizen) will
be available to purchase on the website in 5 liters and 20 liters packages.

Participants will also receive a box of 6 bottles, crown-caps and return label to send their samples back to our
listed locations to be judged. Please read rules and regulations here.

The beers will be blind-tasted and pre-selected by renowned Beer Sommeliers, from Germany and the Netherlands on July 1st, 2023.

The winner will be announced on September 9th, 2023, with an event at one of the locations for the prize ceremony.
Don't miss this chance to showcase your brewing skills and win big with Braumarkt Brau Challenge!

5 litre brewing kit with everything you need

20 litre kits - Ingredients only

The prices

The Grand Price

The overall winning beer will be brewed at the new Braumarkt Hamburg Brewery and the winning hobby brewer will receive 240 bottles. 



ARTICLE 1: Introduction 1

ARTICLE 2: Organisation and arrangements 2

ARTICLE 3: Candidature/Selection/Acceptance 3

ARTICLE 4: Conduct of the contest 4

ARTICLE 5: Determination of the winning teams 5

ARTICLE 6: Prices 6

ARTICLE 7: Disputes 7

By signing up for the Brau Challenge 2023 you accept the following rules and regulations set by the organisation.



1.1. The Brau Challenge is a beer brewing competition for individuals, or

teams between 1 and 3 people.

1.2. These rules apply to entries as a hobby brewer only. See Art. 3.5

1.3. Participants must submit their candidacy via the designated entry form on www.braumarkt.com and indicate in which category they wish to participate. Entries must be forwarded to Braumarkt by 30th April 2023 via the entry form at the latest.

1.4. Subject to acceptance of the rules and upon payment of 29.95 euro, each entry will receive a package, including a box to send samples of the entered beer to Braumarkt, as well as a discount voucher at Braumarkt, that is valid on purchases on www.braumarkt.com.

1.5. From all brews delivered to Braumarkt no later than 30th July 2023, a jury will select 20 beers that will go through to the finals. This finals will take place at the Braumarkt Stores in Almere and Hamburg, where the jury will choose the winner of the three categories.

1.6. The following competition rules have been drawn up to ensure the smooth running of this competition. Each participant accepts these competition rules as well as any addition and/or modification to these competition rules that the Organisation may be compelled to make.


Organisation and arrangements

2.1 The Organisation is in the hands of Grainvest B.V. and Braumarkt GmbH, located at Beerenweg, 12 22761 Deutschland (Hamburg) and in Markerkant 11-11 NL-1316AE Netherlands (Almere).

2.2 Each participant accepts these competition rules as well as any addition to and/or modification of these competition rules that the Organisation may be compelled to make.

2.3 Eligible for selection to this competition are all established persons over 18 years of age who meet the entry conditions laid down in Article 3.

2.4 No purchase obligation is attached to this competition besides the starting fee.

The starting fee contains: 5l, 20l, Box with six bottles, crown caps, 10% discount voucher, further the competition merchandise.

2.5 Mere participation in this competition constitutes acceptance of current competition rules without any reservations, and no dispute in this regard will be considered.

2.6 The Organisation reserves the right to change the action or its course, extend, shorten the competition period, and postpone or advance any announced date. It cannot be held liable if, due to circumstances, the course of the competition is changed, interrupted, postponed, or cancelled.

2.7 The Organisation reserves the right to refuse persons entry to this competition. The Organisation may also limit the number of participants without prior notice or explanation. The Organisation cannot be held liable for excluding or limiting the number of participants.

2.8 By participating in this competition, all points of the competition rules must be accepted, as well as any decision that the organisers or the bailiff may be obliged to take.

2.9 Participants agree to appear as such, with name, photo and/or video, in the organisation's publications and possibly other publications. The Organisation may share visual material of you with third parties.

2.10 The Organisation reserves the right to include the personal data in their file in order to keep participants informed of the actions or articles that might interest them. Participants have the right to access, correct or delete this data free of charge at any time. It is possible for the Organisation to share the personal data for use by third parties insofar as this is necessary and consent has been given.



3.1 A valid entry consists of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 participants, all members must have reached the age of 18.

3.2 When registering as an individual, this person is resident in Netherlands, Germany, Austria or Belgium or has a Dutch, German, Austrian or Belgian identity document. When registering as a team, at least the team captain as described under 3.4 is resident in Netherlands, Germany, Austria or Belgium, or has a Dutch, German, Austrian or Belgian identity document.

3.3 Registration for hobby brewers is exclusively via an online registration.

3.4 Registration is only possible via the purchase of the (insert name) product on the link listed on 3.3. For each team, a team captain will be appointed who will act as contact person in the event of any selections. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the person submitting the candidature is the team captain. Candidacies will only be considered if they have been submitted correctly and completely by 30th April 2023 at the latest and if payment of the entry fee has been made by during the purchase of the item. It is in the teams' interest to complete all formalities as soon as possible. The sooner they can start brewing in order to send in their entry on time.

3.5 Excluded from the Brau Challenge 2023 are board members of the Organisation and:

-Those living under the same roof as the above-mentioned persons.

-Professional brewers and beer companies marketing beers commercially.

3.6 No correspondence will be entered into on the selection and admission procedure.

3.7 The current competition rules and all necessary documentation are available at www.braumarkt.com .

3.8 Only the three specified beer styles may be entered in the brewing competition: Weizen, Session IPA and Helles. Participants may include a special ingredient of their choice but this must be communicated to the organiser well in advance and also must be included on the label. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify the entry if the conditions are not met.

3.9 All participants are compulsory and automatically joined members of Brau Challenge 2023. This is a requirement from the excise legislation which states that, as a hobby brewer, you cannot simply share your brews with third parties. An exception to this is when the takes place within the framework of an event organised by a non-profit Organisation for this purpose, as long as all the participants in the event are members of the relevant non-profit Organisation and no sales take place.

3.10 Multiple entries per participant are not possible. Participants may also not be part of another team if one is already entered. This is necessary to keep the chances equal for everyone.


Conduct of the challenge

4.1 The registration can always be cancelled afterwards by the Organisation if the conditions have not been met.

4.2 All official information can be accessed at www.braumarkt.com. In case of any further questions, they can be sent by e-mail to info@braumarkt.com.

4.3 The home-brewed beer must be handed in to Braumarkt no later than 30th July 2023.

All participants from Netherlands and Belgium must handed their beers to Grainvest B.V.

All participants from Germany must handed their beers to Braumarkt GmbH.

4.4 The bottles are to be returned only in the packages that have been provided in this challenge. No other bottles may be used. Failure to do so leads to automatically disqualification.

4.5 The Organisation has the right to request additional bottles from entrants should there not be enough beer available for judging.

4.6 The Organisation can not be held responsible for any beer flaws induced by the participant or the transportation. All ingredients provided by the organiser are quality checked.

4.7 A jury composed by the Organisation led by (professional) brewers, beer lovers and beer sommeliers will taste the beers blind and assign an objective score based on a pre-prepared assessment form. The finalists will receive feedback based on the completed assessment forms.

4.8 The judging will be organised in two rounds. In the selection round, 20 beers will be chosen for the final. The final will take place at the two locations mentioned in Art. 4.3.ARTICLE 5


Determination of winners

5.1 Based of the blind tasting by the jury, the winner of the respective category and the overall winner will be determined in a final round.

5.2 All team captains will be informed several weeks in advance with information if their beer made it into the final.

5.3 Winners may be announced afterwards in various media. The Organisation reserves the right to present the prizes to the winners and to use their names as well as photos taken during the presentation of the prizes for promotional purposes. Consequently, all participants agree to appear as a participant with name/photo and/or video in the publications of the Organisation and its possible partners.

5.4 All participants, including the individual members of the teams, unconditionally and irrevocably grant Grainvest B.V. and Braumarkt GmbH the right to market the submitted beer recipe in the form of a malt package or beer kit. This is only in the case a special ingredient is used.

5.5 Points awarded in the selection round are not carried over to the final.



6.1 The 20 entries that make it to the finals will be entitled to a voucher of twenty-five euros valid for purchases on www.braumarkt.com

6.2 The overall winning beer will be brewed on our 800-liter system. The winner will receive 10 crates of 0.33 liters 24 bottles of it. The rest will be served in the brew market.

6.3 The winners of the easy level category (Weizen) will receive an EasyBrew SB30.

6.4 The winners of the medium level category (Session IPA) will receive a Grainfather G30.

6.5 The winners of the hard level category (Helles) will receive a Braumeister 10L.

6.6 Prizes cannot be exchanged or converted into cash or other in kind benefits.

6.7 An award is indivisible and must be accepted as awarded.

6.8 The Organisation shall not be held liable if, in case of force majeure, certain modalities of this competition should be changed.

6.9 The Organisation does not make or grant any guarantee relating to any prize. The Organisation cannot be held liable for accidents or damages that may occur (in)directly related to a prize won.

6.10 In case a team is entitled to a prize, the listed prize will be made available only once and to the captain stated. So it is not the case that every team member is entitled to the prize. The team decides the internal distribution among themselves.



7.1 The conduct of the competition is under the supervision of the Organisation whose decisions are unassailable and irrevocable.

7.2 Any complaint in connection with the current competition must be sent in writing by email or registered post within seven working days of the occurrence of the complaint to the Organisation and no later than 31st October 2023. The person should enclose with his complaint an envelope addressed to himself and sufficiently stamped. Under no circumstances will complaints be dealt with verbally/telephonically.

Complaints submitted outside the deadline or not drafted in writing will not be dealt with.

7.3 The current competition rules are subject to the applicable Dutch and German Laws.

7.4 Any attempted fraud that the Organisation detects will be punished by immediate exclusion of the relevant entry and forfeiture of any prizes awarded. And no refund of the entry fee will be provided.

7.5 The Organisation cannot be held responsible for problems nor for damages not attributable to the Organisation. Under no circumstances can the Organisation be held liable for any indirect damage, regardless of the cause of the damage suffered.

7.6 Printing, spelling, typesetting or other such errors cannot be invoked as grounds for any obligations whatsoever on the part of the Organisation.