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The winners of the Brau Challenge 2023

Weizen: Christian Rahner
Session IPA: Pim de Beijer
Helles: Bernd Strehl


 We want to also congratulate Bernd for being the overall winner of our grand prize. We will produce his Hopload Helles in our brewery!

His Hopload Helles was exceptional to have won the grand prize. The opportunity to have one's beer recipe produced in a brewery is a dream come true for many enthusiasts. We hope that this recognition propels him further in his brewing endeavors and brings joy to everyone who gets to taste the Hopload Helles.

  A special mention to the brewers that got into the final tasting round:


Christian Rahner

Frank Abel

Patricia Talbot      

Nick Hoksbergen


Session IPA:

Christoph Reinheimer

Marco Biermann

Dennis Taguchi

Jan vom Scheidt

Matthias Höper

Garrit Graumann

Thomas Günther

Dieter Albrich

Florian Schlumbohm

Johan Brander

Rob Hoefnagel

Raynor Freeke

Pim de Beijer

Indra Schoonbrood


Dr. Ingolf Karl

Bart Verweij

Stefan Bewermeier

Thomas Mangold

Stefan Paulus

Bernd Strehl

Julian Sporkert

Leon Wasserfall

Timo Schliep

Niclas Pannke

Stefan Möhring

A huge toast to everyone who participated in this year's Brau Challenge 2023! The enthusiasm and talent shown was absolutely amazing and we couldn't be more proud of our incredible community. Your support means everything to us and we hope the journey was as exciting for you as it was for us to taste and praise your beers.

We can't wait to raise a glass with you again next year at the Brau Challenge 2024!
Until then, keep brewing and cheers to everyone!

The prices

The Grand Price

The overall winning beer will be brewed at the new Braumarkt Hamburg Brewery and the winning hobby brewer will receive 240 bottles.