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ROTO Cleaner for carboys 72 cm (21.5 cm brush)


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Product number: 5017001
Product information "ROTO Cleaner for carboys 72 cm (21.5 cm brush)"

The ROTO cleaner is a handy tool to easily clean your Keg, Carboy or Demijohns.

THE handy hexagonal handle makes it easy to attach to a drill.

This ROTO Cleaner with 72 cm plastic handle with two absorbent lint-free cleaning pads of 21.5 cm and can be used well for cleaning Soda kegs from 18 to 30 litre and DemiJohns from 25 litre to 54 litre.

If you want to use the ROTO cleaner for Carboys and Smaller Demijohns up to 20 litre, choose the ROTO cleaner with 62 cm handle.

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