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PH paper 2.8-4.6 20 strips


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Product number: 5002255
Product information "PH paper 2.8-4.6 20 strips"

For checking the pH of juice, beer or komboecha, or for checking the acid determination with the acidometer.

  • Package of 20 strips with built-in color scale. 
  • Read out per 0.2/0.3 pH.
  • Range: pH 2.8-4.6 
  • Division 0.1 pH 

What is pH? pH is measuring of the concentration of free hydrogen ions in a liquid. The pH of pure water is 7. Liquids that have a larger concentration of hydrogen ions than pure water are acidic and have a pH of less than 7.

Conversely, liquids with a lower concentration of hydrogen ions are basic and have a pH value larger than 7. The pH scale runs from 1 to 14.

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