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Lallemand Lalbrew® Verdant IPA™ Ale Yeast 11 gr


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Product number: 5015240
Manufacturer: Lallemand
Product information "Lallemand Lalbrew® Verdant IPA™ Ale Yeast 11 gr"

Explore the Flavorful World of LalBrew® Verdant IPA - Crafted in Collaboration with Verdant Brewing Co. (UK)

LalBrew® Verdant IPA is the result of a special collaboration with Verdant Brewing Co. (UK), carefully selected for its remarkable ability to produce an array of hop-forward and malty beers.

Prepare to be captivated by prominent notes of apricot, coupled with delightful undertones of tropical fruit and citrus, seamlessly intertwining with hop aromas. This strain, with its medium-high attenuation, brings to life a brew that balances a soft and harmonious malt profile, offering slightly more body than your typical American IPA yeast strain.

LalBrew® Verdant IPA is a highly versatile strain that lends itself beautifully to a wide range of beer styles. Whether you're crafting a New England IPA (NEIPA), an English IPA, an American Pale, an English Bitter, a Sweet Stout, or even a Sour beer, this yeast strain is your ideal companion.

Elevate your brewing experience and explore the myriad of flavors that LalBrew® Verdant IPA brings to your beer creations. Order now and embark on a journey through hop-forward and malty beer styles, enriched by this exceptional yeast strain. Craft your beers with confidence and savor the art of brewing.

  • Beer styles: NEIPA, English IPA, American Pale, Sweet stout, Sours
  • Aroma's: Apricot, Tropical fruit
  • Attenuation: Medium - High
  • Fermentation Range: 18-23°C
  • Flocculation: Moderate
  • Alcohol tolerance: 12%
  • Pitching Rate: 5-10 g / 10 L
Properties "Lallemand Lalbrew® Verdant IPA™ Ale Yeast 11 gr"
Attenuation: Medium-High
Fermentation type: top fermentation
Recommended fermentation temperature: 18-23°C
Sedimentation: Middle
Yeast type: Dry

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