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Kegland Bucket Blaster Including Ball Lock Disconnects and Tube


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Product number: 5017006
Manufacturer: Kegland
Product information "Kegland Bucket Blaster Including Ball Lock Disconnects and Tube"

Introducing the Bucket Blaster – your go-to solution for effortlessly cleaning kegs, fermenters, FermZillas, carboys, and other brewery gear while you focus on other tasks.

Here's how it works: Simply set up the keg washer basin with your preferred cleaner or sanitizer, place a keg or carboy over the jet nozzle, power up the pump, and let the keg washer take care of the rest.

This unit comes equipped with a spacious 15L bucket that doubles as a convenient storage container when not in use. Unlike other keg washers with small reservoirs that are hard to maneuver and prone to spills, our unit's large bucket minimizes the risk of liquid spills and ensures a smoother operation.

The system includes a powerful 2000-liter per hour pump, the 15L bucket, a robust jet nozzle, 3/8 EVABarrier tubing, a duotight tee piece, as well as grey and black ball lock disconnects and a stainless stand. Unlike other options where you might need to purchase ball lock disconnects and tee pieces separately, our kit comes with everything you need for efficient cleaning right out of the box.

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