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Columbus Hop pellets 100 g


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Product number: 5006153
Product information "Columbus Hop pellets 100 g"

Columbus is a dual purpose hop that is also known as CTZ(columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus) These three hops are nearly indistinguisable from eachother. Due to its earthy and spicy character, Columbus us a great bittering hop for IPA's, Stouts and maybe even a nice Lager. With a late hop addition some citrussy flavors can be achieved.

  • Alpha acids: 14,0% (the exact alpha will always be on the package)
  • Origin: USA
  • Harvest:2021
  • Freshly packed in aluminum vacuüm pack.
  • Content 100 gr
  • Flavour:Earthy, Spicy, some citrussy flavors like oranges and grapefruit

Used in:(dual purpose) IPA, (Bittering) American style Stouts, Lagers

Properties "Columbus Hop pellets 100 g"
Alpha acid %: 16-20
Application: Dual hop
Hop type: Pellets T90
Hop weight: 100 g
Origin: USA

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