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Bramling Cross hop pellets 100 g


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Product number: 5006150
Product information "Bramling Cross hop pellets 100 g"

This hop variety is used for brewing beer. This is an aroma hop, and is mainly used for its aroma characteristics. This English variety is grown in the 20s in the Wye College in Kent and is a mix between Bramling and the manly seed of the Manitoban.

  • Alpha Acid Range: 6,5% (The exact alpha acid content is indicated on every package.)
  • Origin: England
  • Year: 2020
  • Content: 100 gram (Freshpack)

Hop pellets are distorted and grinded hop flowers, pressed into rods. Use about 10% less than with hop flowers. Hop pellets can be stored longer.

Properties "Bramling Cross hop pellets 100 g"
Alpha acid %: 6-10
Application: Dual hop
Hop type: Pellets T90
Hop weight: 100 g
Origin: England

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