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Bestmalz Vienna malt 5 kg


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Product number: 5016049
Manufacturer: Bestmalz
Product information "Bestmalz Vienna malt 5 kg"

Top quality Vienna malt from maltster Best Malz

  • Vienna / Wiener malt
  • Colour (EBC): 8-10
  • Rate: Up to 100%
  • Content: 5 kg
  • Maltster: Best Malz (DE)

The use of BEST Wiener results in a full golden beer color, excellent foaming and a pleasant, full-bodied taste in the final beer. Unlike BEST Heidelberg, this malt uses two-row malting barley varieties that form more coloring substances during the malting process. The protein content is slightly higher than in a Pilsen malt from the same harvest, with comparable enzyme content and high extract values.

Properties "Bestmalz Vienna malt 5 kg"
Malt color: Light, Medium
Malt type: Base
Malt weight: 5 kg
Organic Malt: No
Type of grain: Barley

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