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Australian Blends Pinot Grigio


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Product number: 5006214
Product information "Australian Blends Pinot Grigio"

Australian Blends Pinot Grigio from Australian Pinot Grigio grapes is dry with a pronounced fruity character. Not only delicious with a meal, but also just to enjoy.

  • White wine from Australian Pinot Grigio grapes
  • Quickly on drink level because the tannins and acids need less time to get in balance.
  • The complete package contains all necessary ingredients and is ready in 7 days.
  • According to the instructions you make 23 litres of wine with this kit.
  • Make only 20 litres of this kit and get a better, fuller wine.

Does it not have to be ready that fast? Then leave the bags with yeast-stop and sulphite out. The total process then takes a few weeks longer, but the end result contains fewer additions and gives a 'fairer' end product.

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