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Acidometer/Acid measuring device for acid value determination


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Product number: 5003377
Product information "Acidometer/Acid measuring device for acid value determination "

Complete Acidometer / Acid measurement set with special measuring glass, test strips, blue lye, 2 drop of pipettes and comprehensive instructions to accurately determine the acidity of must or juice. Simple and fast to use.


  • Special measuring glass 
  • Two plastic drop counters 
  • 100 ml blue lye-solution
  • Controlestrips omslagpunt provision for 
  • Extensive user manual 


  • Titration method, accurate read out on 0.2 grams of acid per liter.

Instructions for use when measuring acidity:

  • Fill the glass up to the dash "0" with the liquid to be measured. Drop blue lye until the colour turns blue (after shaking well regularly). 
  • Read the acidity directly by the indicated number. 
  • Also suitable for free sulfite determination, but in that case with iodine solution. 

Instructions for use when measuring the sulfite component:

  • Fill the acidometer up to the 0 mark with most of wine. 
  • Add the iodine solution to the solution until it stays blue for 10 seconds. 
  • The amount of added iodine solution x 10 = the number of mg free sulphite. 
  • This works for small quantities.
  • For a free sulphite content of 25 mg one adds 2.5 ml iodine solution. 
  • The quantity found includes reductonen and ascorbic acid, which also react with the iodine solution. But if you keep on the safe side, e.g. at pH 3.2 and a sulfite content of 40 mg, then the presence of reductonen and ascorbic acid can stay out of the equation.

Can I measure the pH instead of the acidity of my most?

No, the acidity in winemaking is the display of the number of grams of acid in your wine/juice that usually is expressed in grams of tartaric acid per liter. This can only be measured with blue lye.

What is pH?

pH is measuring the concentration of free hydrogen ions in a liquid. The pH scale runs from 1 to 14, the pH of pure water is 7. A liquid that has a larger concentration of hydrogen ions than pure water is acidic and has a pH lower than 7. A liquid with a smaller concentration of hydrogen ions is basic and has a pH value larger than 7.

A pH meter can to be used in combination with blue lye:

Instead of adding blue lye to change the colour to blue add blue lye to pH 7.00. This method is more accurate and for better readable for f.e. red juices. The combination pH-meter, blue lye and automatic burette is a professional setup to accurately measure the acidity.

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