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Temperature controller FermFix - FIX


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Product number: 5011508
Product information "Temperature controller FermFix - FIX"

A fundamental factor for producing great wine is a well-controlled fermentation process. The wine maker has the temperature control as a means of intervention in the process of fermentation. However it is not only about reaching an “optimal” temperature but rather about having the right temperature at each stage of the fermentation process. An electronic temperature control offers safety during the fermentation, saves time, energy, costs, and above all, serves to improve the quality of your wine.

The temperature controller for individual tanks FermFix, with an integrated temperature sensor and a data interface that can be connected to a PC, represents one of the methods of electronic temperature control. The controller is screwed directly into the tank by means of an immersion socket. This allows the wine maker to set or re-set the temperature right at the tank. As a safety measure, it is possible to determine a temperature range above or beneath which an optic alarm will be given.

The controller’s double display shows the actual and preset temperature (value) in separate displays. Additionally, a LED light shows the actual mode of operation: cooling or heating.

The FermFix is available in two versions – with a lose cable end for a fixed installation or with a plug end – ‘Vario’ - for a variable installation. As accessory we have available for both versions connection boxes – FIX or VARIO – for running a comfortable and simple installation.
This temperature controller is the ideal solution for every wine maker who wishes to have the temperature displayed right on the tank and who prefers a fixed installation of the temperature controller on the tank. The FermFix can also be software controlled with the VinInfo software. Adjustment of tank temperature can be made either physically on the tank or in the office through the software installed on a PC Server. The FermFix controller can also be completely integrated in the bus system VinInfo.

• Simple and clear operation
• Separate displays for the actual and preset temperature values
• Integrated temperature sensor
• Optical alarm signal
• PC data interface
• Can be fully integrated in VinInfo bus system

Technical details
• Temperature range:  -9,9 up to +99,9 °C or 14,2 up to 99 F
• Voltage: 24 V / AC +/- 10%
• Output: solenoid valve 24 V AC / 16 VA
• Mode of operation: cooling, heating, cooling and heating, display, off
• Controller’s structure: 3-Points, PI, PID
• Electric connection: 6 m cable with open end or jack/ plug 
• Protection type: IP 65

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