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Ss brewtech
Ss brewtech Lid Gasket 6" TC
Gasket for 6" Tri-clamp. A 6 " TC port can be found on the SS Brewtech Unitank (except on the 1 BBL model) and on the SS Brewtech Brite tanks (except the 1 BBL model)

Ss brewtech ORING15-002 Weldless Thermowell & FTSs Chiller Coil
High temp silicone o-ringSet of 4 pcs 16mm x 1,8mm cross section

Ss brewtech Lid Gasket 8" TC
Ss Brewtech 8" TC Lid Gasket

Ss brewtech Bulkhead | ½" FPT
Weldless coupling for mounting a bimetal thermometer in a kettle. 304 Stainless Steel1/2" Female threaded Hi-temp silicone o-rings Fits into 13/16" punch hole

Ss Brewtech 8" Clamp
Ss Brewtech 8" Clamp

Ss brewtech Washer for Ss Brew Kettle Compression Fittings
High temp PTFE washerSet of 2 piecesFor thermometer port plugFor 1/2" ball valve fittingFor thermometer coupling

Ss brewtech FTSs | Coil Extensions 14 gal | Chronical
Extends the lid mounted FTSs coil into the fermenter which allows for partial batch brews. FEATURES304 Stainless SteelLength: 24 cmMinimum batch size: 5 gal, 19 litre

Ss brewtech Gasket | Mash Tun False Bottom 10 gal
Ss Silicone Gasket for 10 Gal Mash Tun bottom

Ss brewtech FTSs Lid half bbl | Chronical
Ss Brewtech FTSS Lid voor Chronical half BBL

Ss brewtech Shelf | Chronicals 7 gal | Chronical BME
Ss Stainless Shelf 7 Gal

Ss brewtech FTSs Lid 14 gal | Chronical
Ss Brewtech FTSS Lid Chronical 14 gal

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