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Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer


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Product number: 5012575
Product information "Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer"

Make Better Beer!

Hand crafting beer is a fun and rewarding hobby. The first rule of making better beer is to keep everything that touches the beer clean and sanitized. The Mark II Keg Washer helps to accomplish this task in an easy, efficient, and effective manner. Save Time, Labor, Space and have fun!

The most labor-intensive and time-consuming task in brewing is cleanup. The Mark II Keg Washer allows you have all your containers and hoses clean by the time your brewing task is done.

Many home brewers set aside containers "to be cleaned later." This discourages getting started on the next batch.

The Mark II Keg Washer should be the first piece of equipment you set up and the last thing you put away on brew day or when you transfer your beer from one container to the next.

When transferring beer from one container to the next, we first use the Mark II Keg Washer to sanitize the container that the beer will be transferred to. Then we clean the container that the beer was transferred from.

How it Works

The Mark II Keg Washer consists of a 1 gallon basin with a stand mounted in the center that can hold either a carboy or a Cornelius Keg. Positioned below the center of the stand is jet nozzle powered by a submersible 500 gallon per hour pump. The basin is also designed to accommodate brew pails and buckets. The basin is molded as one piece of high density polyethylene for strength and durability. The material of the basin is highly chemically resistant and essentially stain-proof.


The pictures below show a carboy being cleaned mounted on the stand and a pail mounted on the basin.


The Mark II Keg Washer includes 2 tube barbs used for cleaning hoses. There is also a T adapter supplied that fits between the output of the pump and the pipe for the jet nozzle. The T adapter can be used for connecting a 3/4" hose to a quick-connect that can be attached to the output of a Cornelius Keg. This way, the tube inside the keg can be cleaned without disassembling it.


Pictured below are the T adapter and tube barbs that come with the Mark II. Please note, the quick connectors and tubing are not supplied as part of the unit and must be obtained separately from you home brew store.


The basin is large enough to store stuff used in brewing beer such as bubblers, thermometers, etc. The water in the basin can be sanitized with any of the available sanitizing solutions available at any home brew store. When it's time to clean up, simply fill the basin with PBW and clean any vessels and hoses that were used. It should become a habit of cleaning brewing equipment as you go. If you set equipment aside and let it dry and crust over, it becomes a discouragement to starting the next batch.

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